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​Become a foster home 

We are always looking for foster homes for our animals.

If you want to take in an animal for care, simply contact us using the contact form.


Why foster homes are so important:


We know that we cannot change the world, but foster care changes their little world for our protégés. 

You gain trust, have joy in life again and regain your dignity. And that's because great people strive for them and do their utmost to give these animals a start in their new life.

The animals get the time they need and are gradually introduced to a normal life.  


* As a foster home you help 2 animals. The animal that is given the chance of a home through its foster place. And another animal, because through the foster home there is again a place for a new, poor soul in the animal shelter.  


* As a foster home, you give the animal a chance to find the right home. You will help the animal to get used to it in Germany and slowly and step-by-step familiarize it with everything it should get to know in order to find its way around as a family dog.

This offers the chance that we can provide interested parties with detailed descriptions of the character of the animals  can.


The process of admission to foster care is broadly similar to that of adoption. 

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