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Process of adoption
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Please think carefully about adopting an animal. After all, you will go through life together for the next 10-15 years. Especially animals from abroad are a little surprise package. Often neither the parents nor the exact date of birth are known. As far as possible, Stilyana tries to assess the character of the animals beforehand.

Many of the animals do not know our living environment or our everyday life. You have never been in an apartment, you are not house-trained, you don’t know any traffic, you don’t know a vacuum cleaner and you don’t know any family get-togethers. So please keep in mind that it may take longer to get used to it. Some immediately explore their new realm and are trusting, others hide and want to be left alone. Especially in older animals, the character traits develop over months.

It takes time, patience and love, but in the end you will have a loyal companion by your side.

So please only adopt an animal if you can give it the necessary attention.

Getting to know each other and self-disclosure


We want to get to know a little bit about you first to get an impression of the soon home of the animal. Tell us something about your living conditions and show us how the animal would live with you.

In order to clarify all the details, e.g. whether you have had animals before, we ask you to fill out a self-disclosure questionnaire.



If the self-disclosure meets all the criteria for the adoption of the animal, we will organize a pre-inspection. That means, an experienced, mostly volunteer employee of a German animal welfare association will make an appointment with you to get an idea of your new home on site. Don't worry, this is not about asking you questions. We just want to make sure that our animals are placed in a good future.



If the pre-inspection was OK, we will send you the animal welfare contract. 

You will also get the chip number. Please register your animal with Tasso and forward the confirmation to us.

Once we have received this, the contract and the nominal fee, all that remains is the transport between you and your new companion.




A nominal fee has to be paid for arranging the animals. It covers the costs of vaccinations, deworming, disease tests,

the chip and EU passport.

There are also the costs for transport. These must be paid in cash to the driver when the animal is accepted.

Bless you

All dogs are tested for giardia and heartworms and deflead and dewormed before departure.

Puppies up to 6 months old are also tested for Parvo.

Dogs 6 months and over are also tested for Mediterranean diseases.

All cats are tested for FIV and FELV as well as Feline Corona Virus.

The results of the tests are entered in the passport.

If there are any abnormalities before the transport or during the test, you will be informed immediately. We then decide together how to proceed.



The transport takes place when all places are taken. On average, it takes 2-4 weeks. In order to keep the animals in the transporter as short as possible, an attempt is made to find the cheapest route. Fixed stopping points are defined where you have to pick up your animal. If that is not possible, we will also find an individual solution. Because of the long distance, border crossings and possible controls, we can only roughly predict the time of arrival. However, you will be kept up to date in a travel chat (Facebook).




We have summarized what you need to consider when collecting your pet and when it arrives at home in a separate article for you.

Breed Love Family


We are very interested in being able to see how our protégés are doing.

In the Facebook group Breed "Love"> 3 Family, over 650 happy fur nose owners are now regularly reporting on their experiences. Of course, membership in the group is not compulsory, but you can always get valuable tips there if there are problems. And of course, our volunteer team will be at your side with advice and action even after the placement.


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