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Stilyana "Stilly" Gerova

My name is Stilyana Gerova.
I have been running a private animal shelter near Sofia since 2011. From a young age I had a special relationship with animals. Unfortunately, the way I treat dogs and cats in my home country is not comparable to that in other European countries.

I have made it my life's work to enable street dogs and cats with no perspective to live a life worth living. I look after an average of 200 dogs and 90 cats in my dog station and a cat house. Unlike the public shelters, we work exclusively financed by donations.

With a small, voluntary team, we move our animals to their new home after an intensive preliminary inspection and with a protection contract. Over the years around 600 animals have found a new home. I think it's nice that many new adopters tell me about their protégés on a regular basis. It makes me proud to have offered so many animals a perspective that is worth living in.

But I am also sad that there are many more to whom we cannot offer what they deserve here in Bulgaria - a life worth living. I ask you all to continue to support us and our work and if it is not possible with financial donations, you help us to become known and
to make our work public. Many thanks for your help.

Sincerely, your Stilyana Gerova

Ehrenamtliches Team



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