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Mediterranean diseases

Our dogs can carry pathogens that are mainly transmitted in the southern Mediterranean countries by mosquitoes and ticks. That is why these diseases are also called Mediterranean diseases. Because a dog can of course get infected while on vacation in southern countries, they are also known as motion sickness.


What makes these diseases so dangerous is that they can slumber unnoticed in your four-legged friend and only lead to problems later in Germany.


What to look out for:

Animal welfare organizations test all animals before they leave. Negative test results are initially a good sign, but not a guarantee of a healthy animal.


Because there is a catch here: 

Weeks, months, sometimes years can elapse between the absorption of the pathogen and the onset of the disease. For example, a heartworm needs 6 months to develop and can only be detected as an adult worm. On the other hand, some antibody tests can be positive because the puppy has its mother's antibodies, but these are broken down again by the age of 10 months.


So it is important: 

A test before departure is not enough!

It is therefore essential to test again 6 months after entry or earlier if symptoms occur. In the event that an infection took place shortly before entry, a large blood test should be carried out on the animals 6 months after entry. Because the sooner you start the treatment, the higher the chances of recovery for the animal. In addition, for some diseases that have been identified, your pet will need treatment even if it is not showing any symptoms. If left untreated, some of these diseases can be fatal.

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